I Made 4k Looping Screen Savers Of Landscapes For Smart Tv’s

After traveling throughout the U.S.A, Canada, and Iceland shooting for a stock footage startup established with the help of a few friends, I began experimenting with the footage – specifically with techniques to create looping 4k landscapes that could play infinitely on a Smart TV.

The idea came partially out of necessity as our studio is called “the bunker” for good reason.

Lacking in windows I found that running loops on the inactive monitors was soothing and enhanced the work environment.

I also recognized applications for interior design and enterprise.

I hope you agree.

I am open to all feedback.

More info: livinlandscapes.tv

Banff National Park

Acadia National Park

Matanusca Glacier


Banff National Park.

I Have Spent Three Years Building A 4k Stock Footage Library And Taking Stills Along The Way

It started as an idea almost 4 years ago. After 2 decades in the film industry I needed a break. Once I was represented by Getty Images I realized that stock footage, especially in 4k, could be a worthwhile alternative. I dove in, founded 4k Motion Stock, and haven’t looked back.

It started with a cross country trip with Red Epic in hand, a DJI Inspire drone and hundreds of hours driving. It has turned into my passion. I have been to 26 national parks and 49 states. The adventure continues.

To buy my footage see our Library!